Exploding confetti - is there a plugin for it? (video/pic ref in the post)

Or do I have to give my firstborn to a developer friend to manually code this?☒

(And just in case the video doesn't show up, here's a picture. The cursor has exploding confetti wherever you drag it - best as I can do to describe it haha.)

What landing page builder/website builder are you using? It will need to support adding custom JavaScript code, but here's an example of what you'd copy/paste:…

You will need to add all 3 elements to your website: the HTML, the CSS, and the JavaScript linked above

Squarespace. I'll check to see if they have that level of customization. Thank you!!

Hey @thecatstickler , I got a Carrd plugin here that's a standalone code snippet for a button that sprays confetti. Can imagine you can just copy-paste the code into a code embed element in Squarespace