Do you know cases in which many users would be massively dissatisfied with any changes in the Product?

UI designer @ ConvertKit. Growing on the side

When you sell a software product it’s often a good idea to think of it as renting an apartment complex. Not always, but it’s a good mental exercise to run through with UX changes.

For the same reason you wouldn’t come into a tenants home and move their TV from one room to another, you may not want to change UI or even rearrange it.

Even if it’s for the better sometimes it can be a tricky balance. As humans we’re creatures of habit. Disrupting that habit may cost you business. Simply moving a button from the right to the left can disrupt that habit.

Sometimes that risk is worth it if it means a few lost customers but a 10x experience for hundreds or thousands of new ones.

The key is to not roll out changes to a large customer base right away. Get feedback and slowly roll it out if it’s a risky change.

Thank you for your reply!

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