Do you have trouble managing your calendar (like me?)

I have donned various hats in the past, and especially while being a recruiter, running a large team or sales person my calendar goes off the whack. I am also trying to be a bit productive, by slotting time in my calendar for various activities .. Does anyone else go through similar thoughts / feel frustrated about not knowing where your time goes?

And no, I am not talking about time tracking apps, but more from a perspective of meetings vs productive work.

There is a lot of work that happens outside the laptop, which cant be digitally tracked unless you put it down into a calendar. This might not be a problem if you are an indie software developer, but more on biz side functions?

Hi Aditya. I find very useful for myself. I still don't use calendars a lot, but Calendly helps me to schedule meetings.

Hi Max.. hmm makes sense - yes I use calendly myself. But I always struggle to figure out if my time is being spent well e.g. I am a recruiter right now and my success really depends on X candidates engaged per week

And that X keeps oscillating week on week. I am currently working on building a small tool to gimme some of this analysis right now.. lets see :)