Cottage is delivering flexible freelancing for software engineers. Do your worst.

Roast my landing page! I'm testing out some new copy and would love your feedback.

Technical founder interested in dev productivity

I'm an investor, writer, developer, and part-time entrepreneur.

I like the copy! It's concise and the selling points resonate.

My only question as a (non-freelance but open to it) developer reading this is: What skill levels are necessary? Senior engineers, junior engineers, or anyone in between? It would also be great to see some generic task examples and get an idea on the level of pay.

That's my two cents...

I quit my job in May 2021 for more freedom πŸ”. Now indie hacking and running my own cybersecurity consultancy

I like this - but I need some more detail about how it actually works at a logistics level.


How does it work?

  1. Org advertises jobs that they need done and pays a holding retainer
  2. Dev signs up and applies for job
  3. Org picks a dev to perform the work
  4. Work is completed by the dev
  5. Org agrees that work is completed
  6. releases the payment

I don't know if that's actually how it works - but you get the idea. I want to know the process.

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