Complete redesign of the Jonga landing page after all the feedback

I went back to the drawing board with Jonga and rebuilt the landing page from scratch. I changed platforms too so that I could accelerate iterations on the design instead of battling with code to get it to look right.

Its still a work in progress but I wanted to get some feedback ASAP. You can view the live site

The new design:

The old design:

The new design looks more clean and too the point. IMHO that's more in line with the value your solution provides : les bs more time saved to focus on finding your next living place.

The live site has a lot of redundant text, especially mentioning "all in one place" multiple times. And variations on that.

Cut those thinga down to the value that the features provide: centralized notes on properties, easy reviewing and debating with your partner, etc.

Regarding the new design:.
- state a call to action instead of the email buttons current text
- the with / without points will look easier I'd they're closer side by side
- it's unclear if you're integrating property listing websites that are listed as logos or if I can add references to properties on whatever site
- focus on showing value; how you save me time, prevent stress by improving communication / the experience, etc. That way I don't have to translate your features into those benefits in my head.
- do I need to pay a subscription or onetime fee? I'll probably need this app for a fixed period and then I'll be done for years to come.
- what steps would need to be taken on a high level when I start using Jonga? Ie: decide what's important and setup a checklist for that, then view properties and.. Etc

Hope this helps you to set the right tone and get the copy going for your target audience 💪🏻🤙

Thanks for all the actionable info! I'll get on it :)

I've made some changes. Hopefully there is some improvement.

Very nice @Baadier! Clear language, CTA button which shows why I should sign up. It shows the value your service gives me.

I think this is a neat version 👌🏻