100 Day Streak on WIP

It is incredible to see that I've reached the 100 Day Streak mainly because, at the start of my journey on here, I wondered if I'd ever commit to this and I also wondered about what exactly I was going to end up working on.

⚡️What I am the most satisfied about my journey here so far is concerning my growing comfort with the iterative cycle of ship, improve/optimize, ship, improve/optimize, and so on 🔁. I have always struggled with unproductive levels of perfectionism, and I am glad that it's changing.


My previous update at 60 Days is linked here. In the 40 days since then, I have:

🐥 I improved my twitter game thanks to Tweet Hunter. In 40 days, I tweeted 259 times, earned ~24K impressions (~600 per day), and obtained 11,964 profile visits. My motivations to do this were to (1) share my thoughts/ideas more often and publicly, (2) expand my network of founders and investors, and (3) start sharing more of the things I work on.

✍️ Related to the above, I also started working on 3 new weekly tweet series, which eventually pushed me to create article versions (might as well, I thought to myself). Currently each of my posts on Medium have a read ratio averaging 60-70% (not bad, I think).

✉️ Then 😂, since I was already writing somewhat long form, I committed to make them into formal newsletters. Hence the creation of my ☒ project. So far, only 1 series (SaaS Sunday) is live on Beehiiv. I will be uploading Fintech Friday and Web3 Wednesday on Beehiiv in the next couple of days.

🏃 Last point on ☒ , I signed up for the Speedrun 1000, where I will be racing with other fellow makers to get +1,000 newsletter subscribers in 30 days or less.

🎨 I made 3 sales with ☒ , thanks to marketing on Etsy. First time I have tried ads, and I'm pleased with the results!

🤖 I started using ChatGPT to improve my copywriting on ☒ and content related on my  ☒

💡I generated 8 new product ideas

♜ Last, but not least, I qualified for and played an online chess tournament regional final along with Grand Masters and International Masters. Needless to say, I got destroyed (won only 3 out of 11 games) [FYI: if I had won top 2, I would have been flown to Berlin in March for the Championship Series 😂]


🚩The next milestone post will be at the 150 day mark. What I want to prioritize on for the next 50 days is:

1️⃣ Get back to coding on ☒ or move to another project. Unfortunately, I became frustrated with not being able to figure out my back-end code, and did not allocate more time to this given my other priorities.

2️⃣ Go all in on the ☒