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Best Google Analytics alternatives?
Hacking software for humans

+1 for

Have or would you register a trademark?
Hacking software for humans

Wow. Thank you so much for the detailed answer, Marc! It's super helpful.

Additional question: How early do you usually start the reg. process? Would you get the ball rolling before launching a beta product?

I’ll email you tomorrow about an intro with the attorney :)

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Great question. I tend to do it after a while once I know the idea has legs. But if you want to be safe or you're already commited, then I'd just go ahead right now

Render v Heroku for quickly launching Indie SaaS Products?
Hacking software for humans

+1 for Render. It's been a pleasure to use so far.

If you haven't already, check out their "infrastructure as code" using blueprint yaml files [1]. Saves so much time deploying new projects. I just copy & paste a render.yaml from an existing project and Render builds and connects the infrastructure. is another exciting platform but deploying a rails app is slow - maybe due to a lack of caching containers/builds. It's not as polished as Render but I love their multi-region databases deployed with just a few commands [2], i.e. Primary DB in Germany and replicas dotted all over the world.

I used Heroku for many years but like Marc says, it feels stagnant. My go to is

1 -…
2 -…

Nice. Thanks Sam. I'll take a look at Fly. Looks like they support an Aussie region. Nice change from the others.