Rick van der Wijst


Veterinarian building Post for Pets
Joined May 2023
Coffee, theanine & morning run #life
Volunteer at petting zoo #life
Finish all payment logic, start testing Typeform #p4p
Balcony harvest 2 #life
5k interval run @5k speed #life
Finish payment logic for dog (all weights/flea), Typeform becoming very unresponsive due to the amount of logic #p4p
Meditate in the sun ☀️ #life
too many logic rules for typeform #p4p
Finish payment logic for dog (all weights/deworm+flea) #p4p
Morning run + caffeine + l-theanine
meditate and morning walk, out of coffee filters #life
clean house and finish payment logic for cats (deworming only, all weights) #p4p
add path for custom advise by phone for animals <6 months due to complexity of adding this to the questionnaire #p4p
sun exposure + coffee + l-theanine + meditate #life
Treat horse with gf #life
Previewing Typeform and fix logic + finish payment logic for cats (flea+deworming) #p4p
200mg L-theanine + coffee + meditate #life
Sunday morning 5k 🏃‍♂️#life
Finish first few steps in creating logic for payment #p4p
Divide logic in smaller steps and create question groups to reduce amount of clicking and complexity #p4p