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Thanks for your feedback Szymon. For the selection of the language, yes, I will add a search to find more quickly. and for the Polish I'll work on it to make the Polish sound good :)

Hey Andy 👋 Thanks for your feedback :) Wich other tools do you have? you would like to see which tool/template I offer.

It’s a feature I’m looking for since 1 year: link WIP to Twitter (auto use #buildinpublic).

When I post a /done: it post on my Twitter with the hashtag :)

Would a Zapier integration solve this for you? Then you could configure it to automatically tweet any new todo you complete.

Thanks for your feedback! I would support over 220 languages, so it's not wrong to say "any" language :)

Another trick to speed up the signup/login process is to put the code in the subject line of the email directly. So just with the notification (from his smartphone, or on his desktop) the user can signup/login without having to open the email.

Some great tips. Thanks for sharing! Will probably implement it this way in the future.

I recommend using a temporary 6-digit code (15 minutes) rather than a login URL.

There is the historical side of the web, to enter a password (so as not to lose old users) and then log in with the feeling of entering a password.

As you say: "In some cases, (with a login URL) people might open the magic link in the wrong browser session."

With the code, people stay on the same page and the onboarding process is continuous (there is no opening of a new tab from the inbox).

You just have to put an email input (login/signup is the same, so no more error for people who don't know the difference between login and signup).

Then ask for the code in a second input. What I do is that I add the 3 links to the most popular inbox to accelerate access to the inbox for the user
→ "Open Gmail" "Open Outlook" "Open Yahoo" (screenshot)

Most of the time users send me a message with Crisp, and then I take note :)

For Thundercontent, I use a custom solution ( +

Hi Paul, thanks for the answer. How do you get logs in case of issues on customer side? (Or does allow you to get those somehow?)

Most of the time users send me a message with Crisp, and then I take note :)