WhatsApp Terms

A few days ago there was that message in WhatsApp that they are updating their terms. And being not that big of a Facebook fan, that put me to thinking. What will they do here? Tighten the connection to the mothership and use my data to profile me and sell my attention?

Well, the answer is not there yet, but I did start looking at the rest of the messaging apps out there. I love Telegram, and ‘know’ that Signal is a good one if you love your data.

So, I started making an overview in GSheet and put that out in the open. An open spreadsheet anybody can edit and correct.

This norming my Twitter exploded and it got already a lot of attention. And a lot of information was filled in by others. So here you go, this is my news of the day.

Please contribute if you see flaws, missing of wrong information. Add rows for extra data points.
And for now, make your own discussion of what platform you want to use.