What's the purpose of

Traditional knowledge base software allows customers to help themselves without the need to contact customer support.
By having a knowledge base for your company, you could immensely decrease the number of support tickets, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Current solutions
As of this moment, most of the available knowledge base solutions offer the same functionality, which is the ability to post help articles under different categories. These articles can include multimedia such as images or videos.

Why do we need another solution?
Caravi adds the ability to include a browser simulation that guides customers through the different steps needed to achieve their target goal.
These steps are highly customizable, you could essentially create an interactive guide for any function on your website.

Caravi could transform your knowledge base into a marketing tool. By having an interactive browser in your support articles, you could potentially guide your customers to the "Aha!" moment without the investment needed.

By creating demos of your various features, your customers could try them out without setting up an account.  Alternatively, they could try out functions that they wouldn't be able to use due to lack of data.

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