Web3 Board: a crypto job board focusing on NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, etc.

Hey everyone! I want to share my new project:

I've been working on it since last month. I want to differentiate it from other job boards by catering to newish crypto projects, which means that job/role/gig posts need data fields unique to crypto: some crypto gigs aren't anything like traditional jobs -- they are memberships to decentralized autonomous organizations, for example. You have to find someone to speak on your behalf, etc.

To begin with, I've emphasized the filters to let people look at crypto niches like NFTs, Oracles, etc.

Any feedback is very appreciated! This is my first job board and I know I am missing some important stuff.

Hey Blake, congrats on shipping this!

Disclaimer: I run which also includes crypto jobs although not solely.

What I like:

  • You really make it crypto-specific by showing whether they pay out in crypto/fiat, etc. That means regular job boards (like mine) don't really compete with you on that.
  • It seems to have all the basics a job board needs

What could use improvement:

  • Not easy to check out multiple jobs as the back button makes me jump back to the top
  • I miss fine-grained control. For example filtering on "Engineering" is likely to still return many irrelevant results
  • Didn't see a location/remote-only filter
  • The list of horizontal filters/tags is a bit annoying to use (I dislike horizontal scrolling lists)
  • I'd like to see more info on the companies. What are they building? How much traction? Etc
  • The site is a bit too dark for my taste. I find black on white more readable

Great start! Keep up the good work 🔥

Thanks for all this Marc, I really appreciate it. I hadn't considered the back button UX, will look into that. And yeah, the fine-grain filtering and company info seem like must haves.

I will work on the coloring too!