The Portal: A metaverse builder. But for now, it's a virtual conference/event platform 🌎

We're reaching out to users who have been using tools to re-create conferences/expos/events in the new remote-first world we're living in.

There are a lot of people using tools like Gather, Mozilla Hubs, etc to make virtual conferences more interesting/engaging.

So far, our reach out messages to these event runners have been comprised of "we're kind of like the tools you've been using, but better" - so far the messages have been getting positive responses that are leading to phone calls.

Before we do a lot more reach out, we wanted to create a purpose-built landing page that we can link to when reaching out. (Calculator code not implemented yet, also need to add one more screenshot)

The goal of the reach outs is to generate interest to have event runners get on the phone to discuss their needs and wants in a platform like this.

Any feedback on this page before it goes live is much appreciated!