Plant My Forest is ready! Need your feedback

Hey there,

Plant My Forest is ready to launch! 
I create in 5 days: Plant My Forest.
Here is a recording of the result at 6am on Friday! 

I need feedback on the following:

  • the understanding of the project and the benefits of planting a forest on plantmyforest. 
  • if you would be ready to plant a forest? why?
  • UX feedbacks are also appreciated
  • quick fixes for : texts, UI, size, spaces, colors... 
  • and also for copywriting

Hey Paul, I already shared some feedback with you before so I won't repeat that here.

The two main "issues" I see with the website are 1) that the interface is still quite complex, and 2) the map feels a bit rigid.

Right now you've got a form on the left to represent adding a new forest, a list on the right to highlight the biggest forests, and then a map in the middle to show all the forests. Ideally this would all be part of one virtual environment. Almost like a Zelda game.

For example instead of showing a separate leaderboard you could show gold, silver, and bronze trophies in the 3 largest forests. Or maybe there's a celebration happening there with some animals. Something visually appealing.

For adding a new forest it would be nice if I could pick my own spot on the map directly. So I could collaborate with friends to build our forests together. Even better if I can pick my own tree types and the exact spot to place them. So I can get creative and spell out my name, etc.

I know some of those ideas are out there, but I guess my overall suggestion is to make it more of one virtual environment rather than a regular web app with a map in it.

I also realize that's A LOT of work, so for now I'd just go with what you already have. It's already quite interesting. So the above is perhaps something you could try for a future version.

Some more actionable feedback/typos/etc:

  • Top of the page should probably be "it will be planted in real life."
  • "Name or Company Name", I would just say "Name" people are smart enough to figure it out
  • "Congratulation!" --> "Congratulations!"
  • "Share your forest with the world"

Thanks again for your feedback Marc. I have noted your feedbacks, some of them require a lot of time of reflection and development. There are probably still some mistakes, but .... let's ship. And I will improve as I go along :)