Motivated by weird problems & sleek solutions

What are you working on these days?

For the moment ☒ and I are working together as ☒ with the plan to quickly built SaaS products to earn our keep with them, allowing us to live our life as we please.
To get there, we are trying to build, ship, fail and learn as fast as possible.

The projects that are running, and we are currently working on are 2 Shopify apps:
  • ☒ - Allowing merchants to manage content to show in your Shopify store on the product vendors as additional details
    built on Laravel
  • ☒ - simple content management directly in a Shopify store to show frequently asked questions
    built on Gadget as a starter project, to learn how to build on that platform
  • ☒ - allow a variety of validation rules to run on data from a Shopify store, making sure all content is correct and issues get found easily and early

We have built a few other projects for fun, show, and learning:
  • ☒ - small Tinder-like game to refute anti-vegan arguments
  • ☒ - a marketplace to sell your edge (Cloudflare) workers
    built on and Vue.js
  • ☒ - an AI experiment with Google Sheets, ChatGPT, and Midjourney to put together social media posts of wildlife photography with educational information and links to wildlife foundations to donate to for a few years
  • ☒ - a platform to run stable diffusion image generation models on, in this case one that combined knowledge of people and nakedness, enabling customers to ethically create their own fantasies
    built on Laravel and Inertia.js, discontinued, getting ready for selling the stack

In the future we want to build more Shopify apps, as the ecosystem seems right for us right now and built more AI and creator tools. One is nearly done: ☒ - a simple website generator based on data from social profiles, without any additional content management, allowing creation of sites in 5 minutes

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Roast our stuff, keep us motivated to continuously built (in public), share our pain of bootstrapping and give us advice when we do something stupid :)
Others showing off that their shipping "good enough" stuff is exactly what we need to get into the habit as well.

What can you help others with?

We'll push the boundaries of the technologies we use and share our experiences and results, as we did with Shopify's metaobjects:

Giving feedback on alpha versions, sharing my very wide knowledge of tools and approaches and show a different perspective is what I could do for others before. I want to continue down this path.

Something else you want to share?

I worked for 6 years in a web dev / ecommerce agency as the jack of all trades (officially as project manager), running CI, hosting, innovation, code architecture, workshops, and community meetings.
The company had a lot of freedom to things your own way, but depended a lot on being responsible and didn't support directly, but only on request. I want to be able to work even more free and drive the innovation I couldn't before.

In the beginning of this year I started the digital nomad journey with my co-founder ☒ on the Canary islands. Being both freelance full-time now, we reunited in Croatia and are building some of our 120+ ideas.

Wish us luck!