Hi, I'm Leif. A fractional CTO from Malaysia (now in Kazakhstan)!πŸ‘‹

What are you working on these days?

Building my fractional CTO (as a Service) which is quite nerve-wrecking for an introvert. I've been a freelance CTO for years, and this is the first time I'm doing this.

Also, building NotionCMS blog/site, and no-code automation systems as a side, which I will sell as boilerplates/templates.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Be my accountability buddies! I'm going to try to commit, and post every day.

What can you help others with?

I promise to always give you my sincere and unbiased opinions and reviews. And be your accountability buddy as well, if you need any.

Something else you want to share?

I actively post on my blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.