2nd email: what we've changed

Hi 👋

Tomorrow, we'll send the second email to our subscribers. As explained in the previous update, we wanted to make a few changes before sending it. Here is what we've done: 

  • We've changed the algorithm providing the links. Now, we start from the price given by the user, we divide it by 2, and we check if we have at least 20 offers. If yes, we send them to our subscribers (with the 10 best obfuscated if you are a free subscriber so that you want to upgrade :)). If no, we send all of them to you for free, asking you to invite your friends to subscribe. 
  • Doing so, we want to be useful for all of our subscribers, and stop sending an email with only obfuscated links as we've done in some cases for the 1st email. 
  • We've added a small Ad to the free email, that paying subscriber won't see.
  • We've revamped the upgrade page, to better explain the value of upgrading. We display examples of deals you can have when you subscribe, and the delta between it and the best free offer.
  • We've added 2 new plans: a yearly plan for 20€, and a lifetime plan for 45€.
  • We will send 2 emails/month to the paying subscribers
  • We will open a Telegram group for paying subscribers

Next update with the results of the 2nd email! :)