🔥 Roast My SaaS – No-code automation platform

After some time in private beta, is ready for public roasting! 🔥

It's a no-code automation platform, with built-in form builder and human tasks.

This means you can build workflows that for example can start with a "Request a refund" form, that will then create a task for person to manually approve or reject it, before processing the refund or adding it to Airtable.

Make sure to check the product tour video.

To get access to beta, go to and use the invitation code washyourhands It's a stay safe COVID reminder for everyone :)

You can find documentation and guides here

If there is an integration missing that you want to use, please let us know! We'll add it for you :)

Hey @aalimovs !

So first, congrats! It's really impressive.
The Landing Page is really clear, I instantly knew what Automations is about and I saw the benefits of your product in less than 1 minute.

I'm a Dev, so I love documentation and the doc about Automations is really cool!

I'm curious about the pricing of such a product?

Thanks @icesofty!

We haven't released pricing yet since we're in beta. But I can tell you two things - we'll be affordable and we'll be giving out huge discounts to early adopters who sign up now.