A while back I posted about an SEO keyword tool I had made for myself on reddit and the thread blew up. Now I am ready with the product!

Here is the thread in question...

Lets say you want to rank high on Google for the keyword "pet dog care"

Before you write any content, you want to know what questions people ask on Google, Who is ranking on the top 10 and what other keywords do they rank for?, and 'Google Suggestions' for the phrase.

So I made one and I find it damn bloody useful when creating highly relevant and SEO potimised content.

Wonder if anyone else finds this stuff useful.I have been burnt building unnecessary stuff before so I am very careful to validate first now. 

I will only develop this further is there is any interest here :-)

Now I have created the product based on all the interest I received.

Here is the newly built product in action

and the tool is at and is open for people to use

Its been a whirlwind last couple of weeks since the idea popped into my head till the launch but a post about the journey is for another day.

Hope you like what I have managed to build. I would love the feedback from you guys