What is the best UI framework for ReactJS applications?

I’m partial to Ant Design

Cool. I have just read their docs. I think I will go for Ant Design for my project. Thanks for the answer.

I will go for it too for my next project.
You may also want to take a look at Ant Design Pro if you plan to build a dashboard.

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I have used Bulma and UIKit. Bulma is a light CSS based framework that can be easily customized. UIKit is full-blown with tons of JS features but I find it hard to customize.

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I’m quite satisfied with Material UI as well. You can customize the styles of each component and they provide a really fluid experience. Great for bootstrapping imho!

Thanks for the answer. In this medium post, the author is saying it will have some performance issues.…

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Well, I haven’t run into any performance issues while I was trying it out, but see it for yourself! 🙂 I still recommend it!