what emoji should be assigned to the word "Advertise"?

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Depends on the context, but here are some ideas:

  • 👁 (selling attention/eyeballs)
  • 📈 (results)
  • 💰 (help monetize)
  • 📢 (promote/announce)
  • 📣
  • 📯
  • 💬 (get people talking about you)
  • 📺 (video ads)
  • 💈(real-world example of advertising)

@marckohlbrugge, wow. Thank you so much for your reply with such a great details. I've got idea for different things where I've to assign emojis - and you've come with great answers 👌

I need to thought about the emoji exactly for "Advertise" if it should be 🎯or 📣 in case of that "Advertise" means promoted content.

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