what are some nice must do things in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

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There are so many nice things to see in Amsterdam, like De Dam and Rijksmuseum and the canals.

Ondernemer uit Amsterdam
  • download Wyzer app to discover gems on your way to the big attractions
  • try to eat haring at Spui
  • check out chinese neighbourhood, its small but still, next to red light district
  • check red light district, its weird
  • check these startup hubs: TQ, B.Amsterdam, WeWork
  • go to Zoku, hotel like you havent seen
  • go to Korean Karaoke, near Warmoestraat
  • take a boat trip
  • go to Oedipus Brewing in Amsterdam Noord (local beer brewery)
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Visit Cafe Nol at the Jordaan.. nostalgic and old dutch bar that shows the red light district influences

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Visit MOCO Museum, behind the Rijksmuseum. There is a exhibition of the work of Banky and Roy Lichtenstein.