Saas Manual - Learn how to build "Software as a Service" products from scratch

Hi awesome WIP folks!

I would love to ask for your feedback on the landing page for a new project I am working on: SaaS Manual - it is currently a simple Notion page.

Some context: I've been building SaaS products for a long time, most recently Cloud9 IDE which was acquired by AWS. I thought it might be valuable for folks to launch a course which teaches how to build SaaS products form zero to something working. With a twist: the thing the course teaches is the building of itself, so not another TODO list. Inception, Dogfooding :)

So, is just a Notion page atm. (building an actual landing page might be the first lesson). And from thereon expand, step by step.

I'd super appreciate any feedback, ideas, comments:
  • Is the idea clear? If not, what confused you?
  • Does it invite you to join the journey?
  • Currently, I only focus on tech. Are there other topics you think this should cover?

Here it is again:

Have a wonderful day,


Builder, working on and - previously Cloud9 acquired by AWS.