Is possible to migrate domains from GoDaddy to Namecheap?

or i'm stuck w an overpriced service w a pug?

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Yes, it is. But is a pain in the ass.…

Good luck.

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Yeah, GoDaddy is the worst. Took me about 2 weeks to migrate one domain off there.

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I'm not on ShitDaddy so you're not stuck with me.

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Transferred my first one this month and it went quite smooth. 1 -2 hours and all was migrated.... Make sure you have your email and contact details updated on Godaddy first and follow step-by-step instructions on Namecheap site:


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thank you, i'll check that :)

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just an update- I've moved the 3rd domain today and wasn't as smooth but the issue was small...
Took me about 8hrs to move the domain instead of normal 1-2 hrs.

GoDaddy didn't release my domain for a few hours - had to speak to support, then send an email to Domain Compliance and Advanced Support Team confirming that I am moving my domain.

Then after I got a confirmation email from GoDaddy that my domain had been transferred properly, namecheap changed the domain's status from "waiting for release" to "registered with another registrant" which made me call namecheap support. Fortunatelly I had to only wait few more minutes for proper updates....

So no major problems - but be prepared to monitor what is going on, read everything and act when needed....

Still worth it I guess - I paid £6.95 at namecheap instead of £21.09 at GoDaddy for a year + whois guard 🙌 🤑