I'd love to share #nomadlife product hashtag on WIP. Let's get things done and encourage each other.


On community, quite a few people make life-related hashtags (a.k.a. products) to log their micro-achievements. I got one idea over the time - what happens if I make a goal oriented shared hashtag and encourage each other?

What is #nomadlife ?

Originally, it was for logging my nomad-life & travelling related micro-achievements and tasks. You can log any travelling or nomad lifestyle related tasks. Here are two goals for #nomadlife.

✈️Travel more, experience more It's easy to stay in your comfort zone. Just get out from home to coworking space routine and discover more. ✅Get things done Getting a visa, bureaucracy, buying tickets, booking... They can be very annoying. Feel good about yourself when you get them done.

How to join

Are you interested? Just reply to this thread and I will add you on my "product", then you should be able to log something with #nomadlife hashtag.

Task Posting Format

To show your ownership of done and todo lists, please include (by @yourusername ) somewhere.

Mixedmedia & Multimedia Visual Artist who loves making digital stuff
Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Interesting experiment!

Keep in mind that each team member has full access to the product. Which means people would be able edit/delete/complete each other's #nomadlife todos.

Of course I'm always open to changing functionality like this, if there's significant demand from the community. So let's see how it goes :)

Mixedmedia & Multimedia Visual Artist who loves making digital stuff

Thanks for heads up! :D

For the moment it will be just a handful number of people (or nobody but me), so that should be alright.

Yeah, let's see how it goes ✌️