How will the GDPR affect Indie Makers? And what is important to know?

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It's hard to say how it will affect us in practice, but in theory it makes it more difficult to get a new product up-and-running while complying with these regulations. So competitively it seems like a disadvantage versus businesses with larger teams and bigger budgets.

On the other hand, with more consumers becoming concerned about privacy there might be a market for privacy-oriented alternatives to existing products. As indie makers we can move quicker than established companies.

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Great question! Launching a product that's compliant will become a bit hard. But seeing that most indie makers don't really have selling data or ads as a businessmodel, they will do just fine :)

(European) indie companies might be at a benefit creating simpler and privacy compliant products as opposed to corporate overlords from the US. We already see European companies pick us above others simply because we're European.

Also: Great market opportunity, we're jumping in as well with… /

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