Hi, Eric! Did you use a service to generate your "maker link" on

See link for what I mean:

Also, I checked out MakerNews and it looks nice so far.

From what I understand of the idea, I think it has merit and I'm excited to see it develop.

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Hey! Thanks, I should be doing a soft launch of MN soon to WIP with a bunch of free lifetime codes for WIP members to access all that I'm planning on including. The "maker link" is actually thanks to Pieter Levels. I can't seem to find the original link that he posted a while back so you can just grab it from here ➡️…

Product Dev - Write, meditate, build

Awesome man! Can't wait to see it come along.

Thanks for sharing the Maker Link code! I feel like it's a great way to build a brand around your side projects.