Wip Chad


Making a clone of WIP to practice fullstack development
Work on #wipchad building the comment system
Didn't work on #wipchad for a while. Now wanting to work on it while it's 30 degrees outside 🤡 Tired of myself sometimes
Work on #wipchad building the topic and comment part
Write out next steps to do #wipchad
Work on #wipchad
Work on #wipchad
Work on #wipchad
Do livestream while working on #wipchad
Add server/client validation for settings, make userprofile dynamic and other things #wipchad
Make small changes #wipchad
Setup clientside validation on settingspage with Yup, React-Hook-Form, grab server data and other minor changes #wipchad
Make action plan so I can start coding again #wipchad
Start with implementing Yup and React Hook Form logic to handle validation and form submissions on front-end #wipchad
Research image upload possibilities. Not easy without s3 / cloudinary. Sigh at overengineering for something that looked simple. #wipchad
Research client / server side form validation and handling in React #wipchad
Put a PostgresDB on a VPS with Docker because the free cloud version was too restrictive. Promote myself to Senior Staff Dev-ops Engineer of the droplet. #wipchad
Connect a free postgresdb so I can put it on Vercel instead of locally with Sqlite #wipchad
Add layouts, clean-up duplicate code. Add dynamic routing, draft post page and comments. Add profile tabs #wipchad
Rough outline most pages in HTML/CSS so I can focus on functionality again #wipchad
Start with CSS on other pages. #wipchad