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Launched March 5, 2018
Fine-tune leaderboard design #wip
Ensure logos are always rendered in square container on project page #wip
Only show calendar months on project stats page for after the project creation date #wip
Rewrite rate calculator for consistency metrics such that it uses more natural language like "Every day" or "Every 3 months" if the rate is close enough for that to be true (but otherwise default to using floats like "Every 2.3 weeks" or "Every 8.3 months" #wip
Fix bug in consistency metrics where sometimes the rate would be infinite 😅 #wip
Move secondary actions for comments to dropdown menu so it's the same as todos #wip
Add comment timestamps because @levelsio asked me #wip
Rewrite main navigation in Tailwind CSS #wip
Rewrite user and project profile headers from HAML into HTML and simplify code #wip
Rename products to projects to better align with how people are using it #wip
Stack consistency metrics vertically on smaller screens h/t @gijsheerkens #wip
Add consistency metrics to product stats because @levelsio asked me #wip
Design simplified calendar view but don't use it yet, but maybe in the future for something #wip
Fix bug where today's date with activity would have yellow background with white text #wip
Add calendar view to product stats so you can quickly see how often you ship for a product, work out, have a social drink, or whatever else you want to track #wip
Fix bug when updating settings and it wouldn't show validation errors #wip h/t @hugomontenegro
Add cmd+enter shortcut to easily submit form with textarea (e.g. when writing a comment) enter #wip
Add sticky bottom navigation on mobile #wip
Rename "Destroy" to "Delete" because it's too scary sounding according to @levelsio and I agree #wip
Create daily Telegram notification of KPIs inspired by @AndreyAzimov #wip