A community of makers shipping together
Launched March 5, 2018
Fix logic around creating projects and membership limits #wip /cc @levelsio
Invite the first applicant using the new system #wip
Make semi-public dashboard of all pending applications: wip.co/applications (visible to all existing members) #wip
Let people apply directly on our site ( wip.co/applications/new ) instead of Airtable #wip
Make header responsive again so everything fits on one line #wip
Make magic links work for 30 minutes (rather than once-off use) #wip
Automatically confirm email address when signing in with magic link (via email) #wip h/t @swizec
Add regular email/password sign in to WIP, because the magic link functionality is kind of annoying sometimes #wip
add "PRO" badge inside the button because it looks cool #wip
Make buttons a little nicer #wip
Link user profile locations to our Makers Map, so you can quickly see who else is in that area #wip
Turn URLs in profile bio into clickable links #wip
Improve profile headers design and make it responsive again h/t @Jankeesvw #wip
Redesign wip.co/pro page #wip
Show nice PRO badge for paying members #wip (if you don't see one on your profile, it probably means your subscription expired at some point, but you weren't notified and everything kept working because I didn't implement proper membership cancellation logic 😅 – feel free to upgrade to paid membership again 😋)
Stop giving out new invites in preparation of invite-only experiment #wip
Replace wip.co/join paid signup with application form #wip
Load streaks sidebar via Turbo Frame #wip
Only show recent questions/roasts on the homepage #wip instead of latest 5
Switch to Postmark for sending emails #wip