Human life stuff


Move away from the office chair and smell the flowers
Watch 🇧🇷 game with my brazilian mother #life
Get my first covid #life
File insurance claim for broken toilet. You nomads have it good #life
Travel back home to the wet and cold #life
Pre-pay for coliving in Koh Phangan #life
Book Coliving at Beachub for my stay at Koh Phangan. Look forward to oceanfront view 🤩 #life
Travel to Alicante city to stay for four days #life
4x4 HIT treadmill. Measured to be slightly younger this time 😄 #life
Send email to several coworking/coliving spaces in Koh Phangan to ensure accomodation during stay in february #life
4x4 HIT treadmill. Seem to be stuck at a bioage of 62, but keep believing in long-time consistency #life
Try sugar-free energy drink since filtered coffee is not even a real thing in Spain #life
Take long random walk and end up in a residential area. Realize normal areas in Spain can be quite nice and chill. Have coffee and bit of work #life
Run treadmill, but heart rate monitor was low battery so did not get any bioage results #life
Get membership at local gym. Threadmill run, bio age 66, so regressed after a couple of weeks break #life
woshi-woshi airplane #life
Note down things I forgot to pack in master packing list so I don't forget next trip 🤬 #life
Choo-choo train! #life
Finish packing up for 🇪🇸 trip with good old Minaal daypack #life
4x4 HIT treadmill. Still bio age 62, but feel considerably better #life