A customer project that's 40% of my 2021-2022 revenue
- make the button convert and not care about mapping to cpop for now ✅ #enpvqp
- disable the check button until sub_project, vendor_id is selected and change the name ✅ #enpvqp
- follow up to get clear end to end actual production data in order to actually create a conversion ✅ #enpvqp
- deploy and add a feature to check for nonexistent mapping and non valid vendor for prices ✅ #enpvqp
- add the two models for mapping ✅ #enpvqp
- add a submit button for the conversion form ✅ #enpvqp
- make the tailwind-backed checkbox table correctly responsive ✅ #enpvqp
- add a vendor dropdown dependent on subproject in the conversion page ✅ #enpvqp
- deploy changes ✅ #enpvqp
- add a subproject dropdown in the conversion page ✅ #enpvqp
- walk thru with balaji to show him how to potentially use the new feature for conversion ✅ #enpvqp
- fix bug quote type dropdown based on org ✅ #enpvqp
- finish the display for product package that combines names ✅ #enpvqp
- deploy the new display ✅ #enpvqp
- research to find a way to have multiple parent selection across potentially hundreds of values ✅ #enpvqp
- add delete to version 2 of product package ✅ #enpvqp
- deploy the changes and go live ✅ #enpvqp
- check for role such as PM or IM to access the product packages ✅ #enpvqp
- add menu link and hide green email link ✅ #enpvqp
- actually save items and remove items and even for create ✅ #enpvqp