A customer project that's 40% of my 2021-2022 revenue
- add Edmund to recipient list for cancelled PO notification as requested #enpvqp
- added a new breadcrumb with flyout menu dropdown ✅ #enpvqp
- fixed the delete mass_upload_template ✅ #enpvqp
- fix the UI for the accounts/github/login template to fit brand ✅ #enpvqp
- MTT-766: filter url work for line items in production ✅ #enpvqp
- MTT-767: save the mass upload template and line items in VQP ✅ #enpvqp
- MTT-768, MTT-769, MTT-765, MTT-759, MTT-753, MTT-754 ✅ #enpvqp
- deploy the create form and view in VQP and make it work #enpvqp
- add a details template for DIY mass upload template ✅ #enpvqp
- meeting with customer about project structure #enpvqp
- add a new create form and view for the DIY mass upload template ✅ #enpvqp
- replicate the issue of idempotency not working on localhost #enpvqp
- negotiations round 2: get a confirmation on next step to submit quotes #enpvqp
- watch how customer alter pricebook #enpvqp
- talk to customer how and where the WBS and NN come from #enpvqp
- negotiations for renewal for future years #enpvqp
- php can call the API endpoint provided idempotency key is removed ✅ #enpvqp
- suspect the redis URL is not set properly so need to redeploy in production ✅ #enpvqp
- meet with Joey to find out where she get the info to update the WBS, NN, and Site linkages in VQP ✅ #enpvqp
- create another function in VQPBot to call endpoint with idempotency key ✅ #enpvqp