client project in sg
- the form to trigger amber email actually can send out email with at least the DO number there #enocpop
- solve the issue with duplicate linkages in ENPVQP #enocpop
- the signed acceptance paper initial form to trigger amber email is up #enocpop
- fix the request to add tech back into 2021excel formats from STM via Teng How #enocpop
- analyze and break out separate problem-solution request about using new technology set and postpone to 2023-01-23 #enocpop
- tutorial walk thru with customer Teng How about the new dynamic mass upload ✅ #enocpop
- fix bug regarding signed billing report ✅ #enocpop
- follow up with Dorothy et al to respond Kah Siong's email ✅ #enocpop
- get Bind to test the latest pink email changes ✅ #enocpop
- test using bind data with latest changes ✅ #enocpop
- follow up with Bind about WBS data for demo ✅ #enocpop
- follow up with Siti about unconverted unsent CCB quotes ✅ #enocpop
- follow up with Kong Wei if I owe him outstanding data req ✅ #enocpop
- plan out the next two demos and when i can work on them ✅ #enocpop
- meeting with Teng How to help him convert to the new CCB rate ✅ #enocpop
- fix support issues for package E ✅ #enocpop
- figure out a dictionary of terms to answer the question of what report to show list of older CCB ✅ #enocpop
- figure out an initial version for pink email improvements ✅ #enocpop
- find old PO to experiment 1 hr on for new feature #enocpop
- update SSP values as requested by Kong Wei ✅ #enocpop