client project in sg
- sudden request to tweak existing template by teng how ✅ #enocpop
- fix the bug about incentive scheme for quotaiton year 10 ✅ #enocpop
- fix the SSL cert for mercury server ✅ #enocpop
- sudden request to tweak existing template by teng how ✅ #enocpop
- emergency visit customer to see if email issue can be resolved. final decision is to choose to build separate feature to bypass using their internal email ✅ #enocpop
- diagnose the sudden issue with unable to upload PO bug as reported by siti ✅ #enocpop
- drop the old middleman server ✅ #enocpop
- work on restarting the server after the UPS ✅ #enocpop
- swapped in new middleman server running 22.04 ubuntu ✅ #enocpop
- visit customer office to figure out what went wrong with server ✅ #enocpop
- issue with uploading PO for CCB at line_item ✅ #enocpop
- ensure that going forward no more downloading from Sesami system and tehre's a new replacement process to download from Ariba even if manual ✅ #enocpop
- solve the sudden bug raised by Teng How ✅ #enocpop
- reboot server ✅ #enocpop
- exchange laptop ✅ #enocpop
- update SSP as requested by Kong Wei ✅ #enocpop
- fix sudden customer reported possible data/calculation fault ✅/ #enocpop
- tell miguel abt releasing the monitoring period to bobme ✅ #enocpop
- fix bug regarding printing ccb quotes in new style ✅ #enocpop
- implement the StackOverflow answer to sanitize the query for mysql ✅ #enocpop