Dill - The vegan index


A community for making it easy to identify vegan products
Launched March 7, 2022
Manage product changes and reply to comments on products #dill
Launch #dill on Reddit
Finally fix image processing so large images uploaded are shrinked to a more reasonable size #dill
Did massive database optimization on the large food database with help from the IHP Community #dill
Finish writing initial promotional post in English #dill
Make first promotional post for #dill in Norwegian
Fix moderator navigation on mobile #dill
Send pull request to IHP framework to allow nonce attribute for strong Content Security Policy #dill
Fix skeleton loading of product list with client side logic to avoid very long page loading time #dill
Submit new application versions with community features to app stores #dill
Fix breadcrumb styling on mobile #dill
Make editor view for posts styled similar to an actual post #dill
Publish community features #dill
Update "About me" page #dill
drop unused db tables #dill
Set page titles and social media tags for the most important pages. So incredibly boring #dill
Use only one websocket subscription to track the likes of every subreply #dill
Generate random nickname for users without (way of least resistance for both me and users) #dill
Plough through a bunch of minor tasks #dill
Make community moderator tools for managing moderators, deleting abusive posts etc #dill