Server management for Django apps
- amplitude hookup for delete/unfollow server POST action, ✅ #greendeploy
- empty details page for websites ✅ #greendeploy
- be interested person and start seed posting in microconf 1/n ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the follow such that it shows edit button as well in servers and websites and repos ✅ #greendeploy
- add in to track server_followed event ✅ #greendeploy
- rewrite tell amplitude code ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the nocloudflareapi error ✅ #greendeploy
- try using purely the cdn imports as suggested by stenstrom ✅ #greendeploy
- video explainer/progress update as per microconf ✅ #greendeploy
- follow django-components to create tagify ✅ #greendeploy
- research on using region markers in vscode ✅ #greendeploy
- setup account with arcade as user demo ✅ #greendeploy
- do up the calendar with slots for hypercomponents ✅ #greendeploy
- reach out to olly of roastmylandingpage ✅ #greendeploy
- finish the pioneer feedback ✅ #greendeploy
- prepare for microconf 8012 first meeting ✅ #greendeploy
- retry using amplitude feedback on how to register server side event ✅ #greendeploy
- create a progress bar until becomes active ✅ #greendeploy
- pioneer week 67 update and feedback and demo using feed event for digitalocean server ✅ #greendeploy
- setup a way for the webhook to include server_id ✅ #greendeploy