Server management for Django apps
- pioneer week 74 update ✅ #greendeploy
- add the backend view to handle edit DNS feature ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the UI for the successful edit of DNS record in CloudFlare via GreenDeploy UI ✅ #greendeploy
- mastermind for microconf ✅ #greendeploy
- plan how-to video using codeopinion as example ✅ #greendeploy
- finish pioneer update for the week ✅ #greendeploy
- mastermind hotseat ✅ #greendeploy
- follow up with paddle ✅ #greendeploy
-somehow the tailwind build fails to work in server, so i run it in localhost and therefore i hard commit theme/css/dist/styles.css ✅ #greendeploy
- find what's the Dockerfile setting that allows the server to work with tailwind build ✅ #greendeploy
- make the add DNS work with cloudflare ✅ #greendeploy
- meetup with mastermind ✅ #greendeploy
- switch out the dropdown for ipaddress to be tagify ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the new server issue with webhooks issue ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the create DNS record form ✅ #greendeploy
- pioneer update ✅ #greendeploy
- pioneer feedback ✅ #greendeploy
- show edit form in the table of DNS records without it actually working ✅ #greendeploy
- 30 mins daily social on reddit and microconf ✅ #greendeploy
- fix the display for proxied and proxiable, and TTL for auto ✅ #greendeploy