Cheap flights overview
add page for specific route with checking price and booking instructions #yelmair
improve SEO because SERP is ugly #yelmair
add header bar to search page #yelmair
set up knowledge base with travel hacks (from Thuisblijven is duurder) but in english and for members only #yelmair
make terms page about membership #yelmair
add picture of myself in plane / at exotic destination to emphasize indie vibe #yelmair
generate sitemap dynamicly #yelmair
make all pages /pagename/ instead of keys in url #yelmair
ask users in their profile for favorite departure airport(s) and if they prefer Y or J #yelmair
add ways of booking to route pages #yelmair
make monthly stats about deals, airlines, prices etc. #yelmair
make press release when Yelmair is one year old including monthly stats for deals #yelmair
improve SEO by using simple checklist with basics #yelmair
change title + description for route pages and add image #yelmair
fix bug where people with plus character (+) in email address don’t have a working signup link #yelmair