self.improvement = masturbation()
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eat breakfast #nils
sleep in cat/dog/dengue castle for first night 🌙 #nils
change tone because after a patient & polite year of getting stalled by bad actors (that even scam-ception their own friends) you've finally had enough 📗 #nils
eat bbq with frens ♨️ #nils
feel comic pity for trespassing housing agent that 'lost' half of my personal belongings (keycard access log + CCTV), only returned some and now refuses to pay for the rest (aka get_rekt.bat in court) 👨‍⚖️ #nils
switch from Cuckbase Pro to Kraken because increasingly buggy iOS app and fees too high 🐙 #nils
downgrade bunq in favor of Revolut + N26 because too much greenwashing nonsense 🌈🌳 #nils
introduce cat to his new housemates #nils
attend welcome fire because full-on trash burning infernos with full wind blast are how it's done here 🔥 #nils
move back to milk & honey grounds of 2021 (after 9 months) 🍯 #nils
learn about anti-MEV swaps ( #nils
reason with the unreasonable 🤦‍♂️ #nils
scalp scalp ✂️ #nils
export cat #nils
yet another take-daughter-to-beach day after weeks of rain #nils
train upper #nils
track all the swims because these waves are intense 🌊 #nils
work at Hommes #nils
complete first week in 3+ months #nils