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  • Launched March 5, 2018
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Fix introductions form design (fields and darkmode) h/t @KlimYadrintsev #wip
move the follow button to the top of a profile page so you can press it on mobile #wip cc @marc
add OG images for posts #wip
update product and user cache when deleting making #wip
send heads up email few days before free trial expires #wip
ask user whether they want their username to be changed on the site, when a username change is detected #wip
show suggested pending todos in daily digest when not completing any todos that day h/t @RDD_contact #wip
fix wip.chat/groups design so I can link it in onboarding email #wip
improve design of Questions on about page #wip
wip questions abbout.png
prevent users from destroying their question if it already has answers #wip
fix setting time zone by sending location #wip
Maker of things on the internet

@marc this is fixed, right?

consider using sequential plugin for slugs #wip
add time/date to #wip answers and questions (cc @dantelex)
improve copy of empty daily digest to be more motivating (especially for new members) #wip h/t @RDD_contact
explain why we don't allow asking for upvotes in community guidelines #wip
ensure adding product updates user so "X products" tab has correct product count #wip
handle case where GPS is sent, but there's no previous location set #wip