Generate a website from Google Sheets
New Design!

New landing page
Mailchimp integration
Now all users can add an email for and connect to Mailchimp.

How to integrate Mailchimp to your Sheet2Site website:

  1. You need to get Mailchimp subscribe url. Open your Mailchimp account -> Lists -> Select a list (or create a new list) -> Signup forms -> Copy/paste onto your site -> Find a url in <form action="">. Copy the link (without double quotes)
2. Paste it to your Google Sheet -> main-page tab -> Call to action button Link. Example of sheet with Mailchimp integration:

SSL support for Pro plans
Now all users of Pro plan could have FREE SSL (https) for thiers domains (not WordPress).

WordPress support
Now all people who have an existing WordPress website could use Sheet2Site to make subpages in this website.
- - WP website home page
- - Sheet2Site subpage created from WP Admin

πŸ”₯What's new in Sheet2Site?
  1. Added voting with Google Forms. Demo + Instruction
  2. Custom height of header image. Change it from your sheet. Example
  3. About text section. You can add some description about your page to get people know more what about your website or any other text that you want to write. This is good for SEO as well. If you don't want to have this section you can just delete all this text and this section will disappear. Example