Jacob Friis Saxberg
Submit #munique to BetaList.
Maker of WIP amongst other things.

@rpish Can we expedite this one free of charge? We might want to copy over some more images from apps.apple.com/app/munique/idโ€ฆ

Alternatively, @webjay if you have more (high-res) images we could include in the post that would really help get attract more visitors.

I'm building Munique, a newsletter reader.

@marc Thank you Marc :) Yes, I have more images, or can create some. They'll be there by tomorrow.

I'm building Munique, a newsletter reader.

@rpish @marc I have added more images.

Actually thought I already did, but discovered that I had tried to select more than one, which the site displays, but only saves the first one. FYI.