Create a people directory for your community
add preview to "new field" page #faces
look into showing welcome text on mobile community pages. (h/t @petecodes) #faces
hide "show label on profile" checkbox for non-text fields #faces
design co-working space landing page #faces
allow custom fields to be sorted #faces
disable creating/editing/deleting custom fields when slack integration is enabled #faces
disable creating/editing/deleting tags when slack integration is enabled #faces
make note to delete any existing custom_fields when slack is connected #faces
try out landen ( www.landen.co ) for landing pages #faces
Redirect alias.getfaces.com to homepage from within Rails app #faces
Show warning message to admin when stripe_status is "canceled" #faces
Show warning message on public site when stripe_status has been set to "canceled" for 30+ days #faces
Send email to customers who's stripe_status is canceled asking them to update payment details #faces