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Add submission note about not using emoji #betalist
Marketing and Community @ BetaList and WIP, Professional Geek Consultant at Film and (Pop) Culture Festivals, New Business Strategist

this one is increasingly needed due to the rise of submissions with emoji heavy texts

Clarify the expedited review prices are one-time prices and not recurring #betalist
remove duplicate usernames ("count(*) > 1").size ) #betalist
formally announce we feature recently launched startups too (+ reasoning) #betalist
don’t include likes from banned users when calculatting like count (followees_count) #betalist
ensure newsletter promotions are random for each subscriber #betalist
make preview link accessible to submitter #betalist
personalise newsletter to fields #betalist
fix broken logo image in comment email notifications #betalist
redesign advertise page to match new PDF (make responsive) #betalist
add back "submit your startup" link to daily digest #betalist
make a health dashboard and include sendgrid emails sent per day #betalist
Fix overlapping menu items on narrow screens #betalist
Replace div id ("#advertisers") on with something that doesn't get blocked by uBlock h/t @gvrizzo #betalist
Write email draft Ads sales #betalist