Departure city + budget = monthly email with flight offers
2nd email: new challenges
The second email, with offers for June, has been sent yesterday night. Here are the results:
📨 703 emails has been delivered
💌 33,29% of them have been opened (234)
📲 20,09% of people who opened an email clicked on a link (47)
✈️ 71 people clicked on a flight offer
💰 1 people visited the upgrade page 
😒  No flight ticket sold
😒  No other upgrade than the one made on the first day

These results are less good than for the first email. I think that it's pretty normal since you are always more curious for the first email than for the others. But we now have new challenges:

  • Grow the subscribers list: if ~30% of subscribers actually open the email, and ~20% click on a link, we have to have a much bigger list to be able to convert people into subscribing to premium accounts.
  • Try to better explain the Premium offers right in the email: if only one subscriber visited this page, the others can't know why they should upgrade. 

For the first challenge, we will work on a referral program giving you one premium link for each of your friends subscribing thanks to you.
For the second, I will try something like Scott's Cheap Flights which promote amazing missed offers to free subscribers, but I'll also promote the other perks.

Also, if you have any suggestion regarding the website ( ), the upgrade page ( ) or the emails themselves (see in comments), let me know :)

2nd email: what we've changed
Hi 👋

Tomorrow, we'll send the second email to our subscribers. As explained in the previous update, we wanted to make a few changes before sending it. Here is what we've done: 

  • We've changed the algorithm providing the links. Now, we start from the price given by the user, we divide it by 2, and we check if we have at least 20 offers. If yes, we send them to our subscribers (with the 10 best obfuscated if you are a free subscriber so that you want to upgrade :)). If no, we send all of them to you for free, asking you to invite your friends to subscribe. 
  • Doing so, we want to be useful for all of our subscribers, and stop sending an email with only obfuscated links as we've done in some cases for the 1st email. 
  • We've added a small Ad to the free email, that paying subscriber won't see.
  • We've revamped the upgrade page, to better explain the value of upgrading. We display examples of deals you can have when you subscribe, and the delta between it and the best free offer.
  • We've added 2 new plans: a yearly plan for 20€, and a lifetime plan for 45€.
  • We will send 2 emails/month to the paying subscribers
  • We will open a Telegram group for paying subscribers

Next update with the results of the 2nd email! :) 

Results after sending the first emails
Last Friday and Monday, we sent the first emails to our users.


📨 685 emails has been delivered
💌 38,45% of them have been opened (264)
📲 39,77% of people who opened an email clicked on a link (105)
✈️ 88 people clicked on a flight offer
🤩 101 people visited the upgrade page
😒 No flight ticket sold
😒 No other upgrade than the one made on the first day

Next steps:

- We need to improve the algorithm generating the links to be sure we send offers to everyone (some free users were only receiving obfuscated links). Our priority must be to be useful for free users since they will help us to acquire new users.
- We need to revamp the upgrade page to improve the conversion rate. We need to better explain what you'll get by upgrading: give examples of awesome offers + average difference between free and paid emails.
- Launch new services for paid users: a shop with product for travellers, 2 emails per month, ad-free emails, awesome offers in your area (even outside of your criteria) and a travellers telegram group to exchange advice and get answers before, during and after your trip. 

First day, first customer
Hi! This is the first update about TravelOffers.
Yesterday (04/23/2018) was the launch day of TravelOffers. During the first 24 hours, we had: 

- 770 unique visitors (214 from Product Hunt, 27,8%)
- 365 free subscribers (47,4% conversion rate)
- 170 upvotes on ProductHunt
- 53,75% of our Welcome Email were opened
- 1 free subscriber converted in paid subscriber 🤗

The last number may seem low but actually we didn't think someone would convert before receiving a first free email and getting why upgrading is interesting, so we're pretty happy about it.

I'll try to update here at least every month, to track the growth.