Klarna Checkout plugin

Use Klarna Checkout as a gateway in Craft Commerce
try to activate order if pinged in response to notification merchant_url #klarnacraft
connect created customer to session #klarnacraft
set current user id on new klarna address / commerce address in syncFromEvent #klarnacraft
encrypt hash and check with checkPassword when trying to login later #klarnacraft
add event: sendOrderToGateway (or something like that) #klarnacraft
add random password to callback url #klarnacraft
figure out why tax amount does not line up #klarnacraft
test what happens to an order if you start anon, log in, log out then completes it #klarnacraft
check if commerce uses omnipay to do the hard work when generating item data #klarnacraft
setting for expiring one time password #klarnacraft
don't add checkbox if user with email already exists? #klarnacraft
remove create user checkbox if order is updated after user logs in #klarnacraft
get tax rate if shipping adjustment has one #klarnacraft
make sure klarna address is created from order if not saved #klarnacraft
make sure shouldUpdate take into account updates to address ids #klarnacraft