A/B Rankings

Split test your SEO to improve traffic, rankings and CTR.
offer option to delete site + data or auth account + all sites and data #ctr
Add line chart to show progress of test vs control/previous period #ctr
case study content for promotion #ctr
Fix usability issue in Wordpress plugin so site ID is definitely saved by new users #ctr
get plugins into wp / drupal / etc plugin repositories #ctr
Connect to GWT + analytics apis #ctr
consult a real statistician to check maths! :) #ctr
allow fixed test lengths (what happens when a test finishes? revert titles?) #ctr
see if appending a random string to test url speeds up ajax indexing #ctr
improve overall design of WP settings pages #ctr
add active test and previous stats to 'page' view #ctr
Build Google snippet testing tools as lead gen device to get something shipped before beta #ctr
weighted control/test group generation based on traffic a la medium.com/refinery29-pe/seo-… #ctr
allow for cases where data we have < test length (either take last x days or an average of the test days? #ctr
disable link to create test for page where page is currently in an active test #ctr
Case studies and landing pages #ctr