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TD Bryant
Create a road map for 2020 goals #bestow #jukebox #giftclub
Founder @ Dot Interactive .org

2020 goals for Dot Interactive

Bestow 🤝

Build MVP with NoCode tools
Launch in Houston
Create Landing pages and waitlist for other cities
Identify the right companies to be flagship partners (Companies)
Identify the most talented professionals looking for there next project (Consultants)
Work with people who curate communities
Create different contest that drive engagement

Jukebox 🎼

Create 24/7 Live Streaming channels based on genres of music
Build genre specific lists for new music
Connect and integrate with Music Festival production companies
Build out a DJ app that helps DJs stream live from anywhere

Giftclub 🎁

Curate a list of all the global fashion houses
Create a newsletter of highlighting designers to attract fashion enthusiasts
Build a wishlist app that is exclusively for this market.
Create a cultural content calendar

TD Bryant
list of influencers for #giftclub
TD Bryant
shipit journal #giftclub