Beep Test Watch

A beep test for Apple Watch with Haptics
Move #beep website to siteground
#beep add swiftlint and lint project
Write better print statements for future debugging deleting workout data #beep
Fix a bug where health data was not deleted due to coredata deleting the data before I could use it to look up healthkit samples resulting in a coredata fault that could not resolve. #beep
Fix bug with laps not being correct and right quick unit test #beep
#beep Submit 1.2.5 for review
Fix bug preventing average heart rate from recording #beep
#beep Make updated screenshots
#beep Fix bug where deleting last item crashed app by switching .swipeAction delete method to .onDelete
Fix viewContext not being passed in environment on new build #beep
Make saving data changes less likely to crash #beep
Deploy new schema changes to production #beep
Fix bug with history order #beep
Submit version with history deletion to appstorereview #beep
Write unit tests and more logic for deleting workout data #beep
Give ability to delete a result and associated workout data #beep
Restructure #beep code for iOS
Add tabs and a help page #beep
Add unit test target to app and set up initial code #beep
Make new beep test version live #beep