Takeout, delivery, and curbside info for LFK restaurants
  • Launched March 19, 2020
  • lfk.im
worked on place form design #lfk
updated faceted search for #lfk
added fauceted search layout to #lfk. Might give it another shot
added support for marking businesses as a chain #lfk
💚 started adding tests to #lfk to fill some time and improve stability
did some light #lfk work but mostly had a day of meetings
added much more usable forms than I previously created #lfk
🔨 Fixed calculations on cuisines and neighborhoods that were not adding up #lfk
added some form and facetting logic to support the search #lfk
finished the new #lfk search
wrote a pretty decent new search for #lfk using django.contrib.postgres.search aka Postgres's Full Text Search
🚜 finished porting all of the major models and pages on #lfk to Django
🚜 Ported most of #lfk over to Django and launched it on fly.io
🚜 started porting #lfk from Jekyll to Django so I can start taking signups and upgrades
swapped out emojis for font awesome icons to smooth out some design issues on #lfk
experimenting with GPT-3 prompts to write categories and restaurant summaries #lfk
more #lfk work and thinking of how to take it from mostly no-code to django
finished Unsplash importer, but the results are not amazing #lfk
giving up on a Python Unsplash library that I found and rolling my own for search now. Most of the features I want, require a few extra query strings get passed which I can't do otherwise. #lfk
added Yelp data to ~250 listings on #lfk