Pablo Fernandez
Build standing desk #climblife

This is interesting, is it made by you? can you share few tips?

Rock climber. Bitcoiner. Maker.

@abhinaya_akm yeah. I made it myself. Friday morning project.

Some tips:

  • Anchor the legs on both ends to the desired width to make sure a slight imperfection in the wood's cut doesn't put an undesired angle on the legs.
  • Use legs that are greater than 5cmx5cm; that's what I used and it feels a bit too unstable. That's why I added the supports to the legs after the fact.
  • Measure the distance between your elbow and floor to get the right height.

Great, thanks for your tips. I need to come up with something like that.

Rock climber. Bitcoiner. Maker.

@abhinaya_akm Knowing next to nothing about this kind of stuff, it took me less than 2 hours start to finish. It's was quite simple and enjoyable!