https cop

website health monitoring
fire alerts when SSL grading drops #httpscop
websites that get saved as draft, instead of publish, show up in UI but are not monitored #httpscop
fix favicon (transparent background) #httpscop
build white-label email alerts (also think of how customer's domain would validate me sending emails on their behalf, so that they don't end up in spam) #httpscop
resolve postman issue with examples & status codes not showing up #httpscop
add every possible response scenario as an example in postman #httpscop
add filteration ability as per SSL health metric on websites listing view for admins #httpscop
handle case where only a server or two running the site was inaccessible, instead of just failing the scan eg: #httpscop
ensure telegram only users payment flow #httpscop
highlight letsencrypt issued certs [admin only] #httpscop
Validate results from hosts #httpscop
updation triggers should scan again only if the domain was updated #httpscop
scanning should show progress (either first time or manual re-scan) #httpscop
test for 100% support in multiple emails in email_alerts field #httpscop
build a chrome extension for internal use #httpscop
add website thumbnail in summary tab #httpscop
detect cloudflare issued ssl certificate and warn about flexible ssl #httpscop
test for http to https redirection should be set for same host for HSTS preloading header to be passed on #httpscop