Flight search engine for travelers.
create readable urls, e.g. #yelmair
add option for users to flag deal as expired #yelmair
add page for specific route with checking price and booking instructions #yelmair
be accepted as affiliate for american express to promote credit cards #yelmair
be accepted as affiliate for momondo to monetize clicks #yelmair
create newsletter list to send feature updates to members #yelmair
add preferred departure airport to account #yelmair
add luggage information (but also inform users checking baggage sucks) #yelmair
make business class more distinct because nobody sees any difference except price #yelmair
improve SEO because SERP is ugly #yelmair
add header bar to search page #yelmair
check how to automate social sharing of deals (e.g. via rss feed) #yelmair
set up knowledge base with travel hacks (from Thuisblijven is duurder) but in english and for members only #yelmair
make terms page about membership #yelmair
set up alert emails (triggered when deal is posted) #yelmair
set up alert emails (once every week with all active deals) #yelmair
fix EWR / JFK problem in db #yelmair
make list of most popular destinations based on avg clicks per day #yelmair
pricing €19,99 because @levelsio says so #yelmair